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Tue Jun 18 2024

Presidential Elections 2022- Who Climbs the post?

~ By Samidha Jain on 7/19/2022

Presidential Elections 2022- Who Climbs the post?

On July 25th 2017 Ramnath Kovind, former Governor of Bihar became the 14th and current President of India. He was the first BJP member to serve the post and belonged to the Dalit caste. His Presidency has seen major events like The Corona Virus Outbreak, the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir and President's rule in Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Pondicherry. This year marks the end of his five-year tenure and fresh elections are to be held on 18th July.

NDA has nominated former Governor of Jharkhand and former Odisha Minister Droupadi Murmu age 64 as their candidate, who filed the nomination on June 24. She is a teacher who belongs to the Santhal Tribal Community of Odisha making her the first nominee from a Scheduled Tribe to contest for the post. If wins she would be the second female and the youngest person to serve the post after Dr Pratibha Patil. She has the backing of BJD (Bhartiya Janta Dal), YSR Congress and BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party). Her vote count is calculated as 52% of the total votes of the electoral college. She is also likely to get the support of AIADMK and the YSRCP and other regional parties.

On the other hand, UPA has nominated Yashwant Sinha age 84 as the candidate of the opposition. Yashwant Sinha has served the posts of Finance Minister twice and of Minister of External affairs once. He has not filed for the nomination yet. He is backed by NCP, AITMC and other congress allies and supporters of NDA's so-called dictatorship. He left BJP in 2018.

It is highly anticipated that Droupadi Murmu will become the President due to the unanimous support and her past achievements and qualities. Albeit being opposed by a highly experienced and multiple office holder candidate Yashwant Sinha. Talking to reporters, Sinha said that the Presidential election is not an individual battle but an ideological one. He is against a rubber stamp President and due to his experience considers himself a fit candidate. After his exit from BJP is has been a critic of the Modi government and has said to go all over the country to campaign for elections. He believes to address certain issues which the Modi government has neglected over the years and claims to raise his voice for the kisans, workers, unemployed youth, women and all marginalized in society.

While, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted in support of Murmu and accompanied her along with other prominent leaders like JP Nadda, and Rajnath Singh to file the nomination it is upon time to decide the fate of the post.

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