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Tue Jun 18 2024

Europe's Duplicity on Energy Purchase from Russia

~ By Aarush J on 6/10/2022

Europe's Duplicity on Energy Purchase from Russia

During the GLOBSEC Summit held in Bratislava on 3rd June, External Affairs Minister Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar responded to concerns about India's stance in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. When asked about India's stance, Dr Jaishankar stated that Europe must grow out of the mindset that its problems are the world's problems but the world's problems are not Europe's problems.

Europe has to grow out of the mindset that its problems are the world's problems, but the world's problems aren't Europe's problems. Today, linkages are being made between China and India and what is happening in Ukraine. Come on guys, China and India happened way before Ukraine. It's not a clever argument, Jaishankar said.

EAM was posed a question regarding India's position and if India would join the US-led axis or China as another potential axis in the world. Dr Jaishankar said, "Don't think it's necessary for India to join any axis. India is entitled to make its own choices which will be a balance of its values and interests. He also reiterated that India is perfectly capable of handling the situation with China.

He said, "If I get a global understanding and support it will be of help. But this idea that I do a transaction, I come in one conflict, because it will help me in another conflict. That is not how the world works."

Referring to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and India not aligning itself with either side, he underlined that India's foreign policy is not on the fence just because its policies may not be acceptable to other countries. Jaishankar said, "I am not sitting on the fence just because I don't agree with you. It means I am sitting on my ground."

When questioned if India's purchase of Russian oil is financing the ongoing conflict, Jaishankar responded, "Tell me, buying Russian gas is not funding the war? It's only Indian money that funds. It's not gas coming to Europe that finds? Let's be a little even-handed out here."

In a befitting reply to the hypocrisy propagated by the West over the issue, Jaishankar further said, "Look, the whole narrative, it has gone up 9 times, it has gone up from a very low base...if countries from the West, Europe and the USA are so concerned, why don't they allow Iranian oil to come to the market? Why don't they allow Venezuelan oil to come to the market?

He also responded to concerns regarding India's ban on wheat exports and debunked a comment by The Wall Street Journal regarding India readying for the transhipment of Russian oil to bypass sanctions imposed by the West.

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